1000 Pages Deep

I’ve now made it to Birmingham, England and spent my jet lagged day working with Cherida to get assess the collected papers of her late brother Ian and to start the work needed to begin digitalization. Having done a few test runs and with a little trial and error we are now 1000 pages into […]


Time Travel

I’m siting here waiting on my ride to the airport. My journey back in time begins today at Noon at DFW Airport, From there I fly to JFK Airport in NY and have a several hour layover, before the overnight flight to Birmingham, England, which arrives at 7 tomorrow morning local time. We had the […]


What’s this?

Why it is the Hard Drive that just arrived at my door with ALL of Jean Sargent’s Papers on it! 34 boxes containing 799 files and 17,583 pages are now condensed into a12 GB collection on a 5″x7″ drive. There is an average of 1.7 pages for each day of the 29 years Jean did […]