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Designed for Researchers who want unlimited access to the collected papers of Jean A Sargent, who researched the Babb Families of America and Ian Henry Babb (who did the same for the Babb Families in England). In all 23,000 pages of documentation and correspondence. from their combined 60 year body of work. This collection forms the backbone of my book series “Babb Unabridged”.


  1. Lesley Hagen

    Hello Daniel,

    It looks like you have been very busy! The material you have complied looks exhaustive. I know years ago I purchased materials through babbunabridged, does this new information require a new purchase? I also purchased through Amazon the initial Babb book. I am interested in the Bathsheba Hussey/Thomas Babb connection, I am looking forward to your upcoming book on Bathsheba. Thank you for your work. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Daniel Greig Babb

      Yes I have been quite busy. There are essentially two items for sale on the website. The first is Membership to the Association itself. You already have a 10 Year/Lifetime membership, so nothing more to do there. The Archives is a newer offering and details everything we know about the Babbs including the books that Jean A. Sargent and I wrote. It is a one time fee of $50 and is good for life. You are free to peruse over 40,000 pages in notes, books, etc. This collection includes free upgrade to newer electronic copies whenever an update is available for as long as you live.

      If you just want a single download the current book for your family without upgrade rights you can do that as well for $10/book.

      In about 2 months I hope to launch the Print Edition of Babb Unabridged, 2nd Edition and those will be available for purchase separately. I’m opening a comment period that will last through November 1st to give me time to input everything and have it ready by Thanksgiving.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Stephanie Sanders

    Daniel, I am not part of the Babb family so do not need access to your Babb family postings. However, as you may remember, I am interested in your work on the Dallas paupers’ cemetery. You wrote an article about my gg-grandmother Bell Black “Ring My Bell” and about how I was fortunate to have also participated in that exciting find. How would I go about just purchasing the archives for your articles about that cemetery? I find that I am now unable to read the article again. Thanks so much for all you do! Stephanie

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