A Christmas Miracle (But not the one you might expect)

I received an email today with the most Joyous News that the digitizer has completed the scanning of Jean Sargent’s papers and will have us the finsihed images by Mid-January. What a wonderful way to start the new year!

The digitization project would never have been completed without the dedication and persistence of Charlotte Powers, who in addition to being a member of the BFA is also a volunteer at the Stewart Bell Jr. Archives at the Handley Library in Virginia. She has shepparded us through this process for almost 4 years. She deserves our deepest appreciation and will be receiving the very first copy of the completed works as it becomes available.

Homestead Update:

In other news about the Seth Babb Homestead, our plans of having a roof on the building for Christmas are not going to work out. But plans are in motion for that to happen next Tuesday after the holiday.

To update you on the funds for the countdown to completion, we have now received pledges for $4408 in addition to the $1125 in Goods and $2000 already received.

Our builder, David Howard, is also re-affirming an old commitment from Perma-Chink to supply the Chink (which is the stuff that goes between the logs). If this works, it will remove approximately $3,000 from what we need to raise. So, tentatively, I am moving the amount to the hoped for Goods & Services column which leaves us a mere $3,706 in cash left to raise!

$14,515 – Net Remaining

$10,809 – Goods & Services left to raise

$3,706 – Cash left to raise

Let’s finish the job!


Repost: Originally posted on Dec 22, 11

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