Jean Sargent’s Records now available for purchase

Sargent's Papers

The first 4 copies of Jean Sargent’s collected papers is now on DVD!

The collection of 34 boxes containing 399 files and 17,583 pages are now condensed into a6 GB collection on a single Dual Layered DVD for you to peruse. There is an average of 1.7 pages for each day of the 29 years Jean did her research!!!

You may ask, who these copies are for. The very first copy was sent to the devout Charlotte Powers without whom this project could not have happened. The second copy was sent to the Handley Library who houses the collection and who has donated all the archival materials used in preserving the collection. The third copy was sent to Jean’s nephew Alex Hill who brought the collection to us.

You may ask who the 4th one is for? Why, its for you silly! Just send $75.00 to Babb Family Association, 4252 Keys Drive, The Colony, TX 75056 and we will get the collection to you. $70 from each purchase will be used to complete our work on (you guessed it) The 1787 Seth Babb Homstead and is considered tax deductible.

Repost: Originally posted on Feb 26, 12

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