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Kissing Cousins

Today we take a peek into the lives of Enoch Luther Babb and his wife Judith Babb who were married on 20 Jan 1880 in Southampton County, Virginia. Judith was born in 1854 on the Isle of Wight, Virginia to John Henry and Martha Ann (Edwards) Babb. Their line traces all the way back up…

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BFA News & Notes now available for full text search.

Thirty years of the Babb Family Association’s News & Notes (N&N) is now available in a single publication as a component of the Babb Family Archives. With a single download you can query every word Jean A. Sargent & Daniel G. Babb ever wrote over the course of 52 editions. Note that there is an…

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Geoffrey Babbe of Totnes – A Suspicious License (1585)

Saint Malo is a port city in Northern France with an antagonistic attitude towards the rulers of France. From time to time, it would declare its independence from both British and French rule. It is during one of those spats in 1585 that Geoffrey Babbe got caught up in a potential licensing dispute involving a…

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Peter Babb (1-2-1-9-6-2) – Coast to Coast

Today we reprint an article that was published in 2009 regarding Peter Babb and his line of Bottles that are now quite collectible. It was first published here and is written by Eric McQuire of Petaluma, CA. Eric does a fantastic job of explaining Peter’s life and legacy.

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Philip Babb’s (1-2-3) brush with George Washington

While working my way through early Virginia Records, I’ve stumbled upon a coincidence that is just too much fun to ignore. I’ve gotten as far as 1760 as I pull down all the Early Virginia Babb Records I can find and while looking at a purchase of 117 acres of land Philip purchased on the…

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Babb Families of America, 2nd Edition now full text searchable

A recent question from a cousin made me realize that I had never converted the digitized copy of Jean A. Sargent’s Babb Families of America into searchable text. So, I’ve updated the file for this feature to exist. You can now press Ctrl + “f” and conduct a full search of every word in the…

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Trees Stored on Ancestry:

Please select the country that the predominant part of your line is located in. Note that there is currently no crossover between the 3 core US lines of Babbs in the US with their UK Counterparts. There are, however, lines from England that came to the US after the American Revolution that will be found along with the UK Tree. The divisions in the trees are necessary to maintain database integrity and an ease of maintenance.

Subscribing members of the BFA may apply to gain full access to the images and documents in their tree. For more information see the following section.

United States
United Kingdom
Central & South America
(No currently proven Y-DNA Lineages)
Associated with DNA-01 in United StatesDNA-01: Lions of the Sea

DNA-02: Green Men of MD

DNA-03: White Stags VA/NC
DNA-04: Dragons of Somerset

DNA-05: Falcons of Fremington, Devon

DNA-06: Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon

DNA-07: Gryphons of Halberton, Devon

DNA-08: White Swans of Buckinghamshire

DNA-09: Potters of Staffordshire

DNA-10: Celts of South Petherwin, Cornwall
DNA-11 Blue Panthers of Bavaria

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