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Mini-Dress (Twiggy)- by Paul Babb

The late 1960s celebrity boutique phenomenon saw popular teenage idols launching clothing lines and boutiques. These included singer Sandie Shaw, TV presenter Cathy McGowan, and even the footballer George Best. Such ventures tended to be short-lived, lasting a few years or even months, like the Beatles’ “Apple” boutique, which closed in July 1968 after 7…

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Book Announcement: Babbs of Barbados

The first draft of the Babbs of Barbados is ready for peer review. I will acknowledge that there are an unusual number of gaps in the record. But trees have to start somewhere and now is the time for it to finally happen. I’m making it free of charge to help spur interest. I recommend…

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Barbados Church Records

I’ve come across a stash of old records from Barbados that have been digitized since I last did research on the topic almost exactly 5 years ago. Calling all Barbados & Caribbean Babbs Most of those records are church records that date from the earliest times and up to about 1891. They are deeply fragmented…

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Announcement: 13th Proven Y-DNA Lineage

13. The African Phoenix The legend of the phoenix is a fascinating and ancient myth that has been told and retold by many cultures and civilizations. The phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes rebirth, immortality, and renewal. It is said to have a lifespan of hundreds or thousands of years, depending on the source,…

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All-Points Bulletin

I’ve been alerted to the most disturbing state of the Homestead of Sampson Babb (1-2-1-9). Previously, I wasn’t aware that this cabin even existed. But the image above, which was taken by our Resident Babbophile, Jim, lays bare the current state of this cabin. It is in the very small community of Morris in Tioga…

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A Genealogical Research Aid for African American Babbs

Anyone who has watched Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. knows how difficult it is for descendants of slavery to get their trees past 1870. So, I’ve assembled this guide to assist with your research and speed your time to results. I am, of course, happy to assist with the fine tuning for…

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Key Topics:

Trees Stored on Ancestry:

Please select the country that the predominant part of your line is located in. Note that there is currently no crossover between the 3 core US lines of Babbs in the US with their UK Counterparts. There are, however, lines from England that came to the US after the American Revolution that will be found along with the UK Tree. The divisions in the trees are necessary to maintain database integrity and an ease of maintenance.

Subscribing members of the BFA may apply to gain full access to the images and documents in their tree. For more information see the following section.

United States
United Kingdom
Central & South America
(No currently proven Y-DNA Lineages)
DNA-01: Lions of the Sea

DNA-02: Green Men of MD

DNA-03: White Stags VA/NC
DNA-04: Dragons of Somerset

DNA-05: Falcons of Fremington, Devon

DNA-06: Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon

DNA-07: Gryphons of Halberton, Devon

DNA-08: White Swans of Buckinghamshire

DNA-09: Potters of Staffordshire

DNA-10: Celts of South Petherwin, Cornwall
DNA-11 Blue Panthers of Bavaria

Joining The Babb Family Association

While access to the Blog and Facebook group is always free, we encourage followers to become official Members of The Babb Family Association. Dues income allow us to continue our work to preserve Babb items of historical significance. Here is a rundown of the available membership options:

Babb Family Archives

In the Babb Family Archives, you will find more than 42,000 pages of content which is updated as new books and discoveries are made. A new editions of Babb Unabridged are released, they will become available here. It’s a once in a lifetime purchase and a must have for the serious researcher. Some of best items include:

2nd Edition: 30 Volumes & 12,000 pages
1st Edition: 15 Volumes &
4,000 Pages
2nd Edition:
624 Pages
1st Edition:
434 Pages

Jean A. Sargent’s Papers
17K+ Pages

Ian Henry Babb’s Papers: 6K+ Pages

The Isles of Shoals Collection
by Julia Older

The Babb Family Association is honored to carry on Julia Older’s legacy through her works. As per her wishes they are now available in the Babb Archives in perpetuity.

Part I:
This Desired Place: The Isles of Shoals
456 Pages
Part II:
The Island Queen: Celia Thaxter of the Isles of Shoals
209 Pages
Celia Thaxter: Selected Writings
320 Pages

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