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Sisters are Doing it For Themselves – A Contest

Now there was a time, when they used to say that behind every great man there had to be a great woman. But in these times of change you know that it’s no longer true. So, we’re comin’ out of the kitchen ‘Cause there’s somethin’ we forgot to say to you, we say. Sisters are…

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The Family that Apprentices Together, Stays Together.

The only one of the 3 identified Devon Y-DNA lineages that is modern enough to be included in the available collection is that of the Falcons of Fremington, which is currently only as far back as 1844. The newspapers in this county go back as far as 1800, so there was adequate time to…

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Thomas Babb (1791-1859) – Charged with Having Committed an Unnatural Crime

We pick up this scandal in 1818 in the town of Teignmouth. Before we begin, I should note that at that time this crime was punishable by death. I would like to tell you it made headlines in the The Exeter Flying Post or Trewman’s Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser but given the list of trials…

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Reverend Thomas Babb (1785-1861) -He just didn’t like the Bastard!

Every now and then an article comes along that just writes itself. It makes you wonder if this is the origin story for the phrase. Start reading after the break in the first column. Get to know Edmund Pollexfen Bastard Thomas happens to be the son of the Lt-Col Thomas Babb that was featured here:

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Thomas Babb (1754-1810) – In His Own Words

This speech, by Thomas Babb, was quoted in The Exeter Flying Post or Trewman’s Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser, on 12 Jun 1806. 216 years have passed! But thanks to the diligent work of the people at, we are able to read it today. A find like this was virtually unheard of ten years ago and…

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Stanley Nicholson Babb – Sculptor

Stanley Nicholson Babb was a sculptor, born in Plymouth, where he studied art, also at Royal Academy Schools. Won a gold medal and travelling scholarship, 1901-2, and studied and worked in Italy. Became a member of Art Workers’ Guild in 1919, retiring in 1945. Exhibited at RA, RMS, RSA and elsewhere and was a fellow…

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Please select the country that the predominant part of your line is located in. Note that there is currently no crossover between the 3 core US lines of Babbs in the US with their UK Counterparts. There are, however, lines from England that came to the US after the American Revolution that will be found along with the UK Tree. The divisions in the trees are necessary to maintain database integrity and an ease of maintenance.

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Associated with DNA-01 in United StatesDNA-01: Lions of the Sea

DNA-02: Green Men of MD

DNA-03: White Stags VA/NC
DNA-04: Dragons of Somerset

DNA-05: Falcons of Fremington, Devon

DNA-06: Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon

DNA-07: Gryphons of Halberton, Devon

DNA-08: White Swans of Buckinghamshire

DNA-09: Potters of Staffordshire

DNA-10: Celts of South Petherwin, Cornwall
DNA-11 Blue Panthers of Bavaria

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