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A Mystery Hidden in a Family Photograph

While this story isn’t about a Babb, it shows the depth of research undertaken to uncover those hidden treasures in our family photographs. It was written by a New York Times writer who is a member of the Visual Investigations Unit. They are a team of digital sleuths. My apologies for not carrying the post…

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Margaret Babb – Postcard (New Mystery)

This postcard is currently available on eBay and is purportedly of Margaret Babb. The boy is not named, nor has the postcard ever been mailed. I’d place the image in the 1890s based on the tricycle design alone. Is there anyone who can help place Margaret Babb? Here are the available clues:The seller is in…

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Benjamin Babb (1818-1889) – From Virginia to Tennessee

This book, compiled by Mrs. Robert D. Tice & Miss Jessie Taylor Webb in 1986 provides a window into the life & times of one of the earliest Babbs of Eastern Virginia & North Carolina, which we commonly refer to as The White Stags, to recognize their English heritage. It is provided here courtesy of…

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Collections now Available on Babb Unabridged Store

I’ve finally shaped out each of the Genetic Lineages into separate collections in the new store. There is a General Merchandise collection followed by each Genetic Lineage in the order they were discovered. This link will take you directly to the Collections Page:Babb Unabridged: collections on Zazzle New Products

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Babb Unabridged Store is Open for Business

Just in time for Black Friday, we are hanging up a shingle and opening a store on Zazzle. We are kicking off the first assortment with the first in a series of Annual Porcelain Ornaments and a series of Coffee Mugs for each and every Genetic Lineage. There is a smattering of different items from…

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Mark Babb of Memphis on The Drought along the Mississippi River

I found this article about a Mark Babb, who is apparently from Memphis. He has been featured in an article today in the New York Times. As Drought Drops Water Level in the Mississippi, Shipwrecks Surface and Worries Rise – The New York Times (

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Please select the country that the predominant part of your line is located in. Note that there is currently no crossover between the 3 core US lines of Babbs in the US with their UK Counterparts. There are, however, lines from England that came to the US after the American Revolution that will be found along with the UK Tree. The divisions in the trees are necessary to maintain database integrity and an ease of maintenance.

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Associated with DNA-01 in United StatesDNA-01: Lions of the Sea

DNA-02: Green Men of MD

DNA-03: White Stags VA/NC
DNA-04: Dragons of Somerset

DNA-05: Falcons of Fremington, Devon

DNA-06: Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon

DNA-07: Gryphons of Halberton, Devon

DNA-08: White Swans of Buckinghamshire

DNA-09: Potters of Staffordshire

DNA-10: Celts of South Petherwin, Cornwall
DNA-11 Blue Panthers of Bavaria

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