1000 Pages Deep

I’ve now made it to Birmingham, England and spent my jet lagged day working with Cherida to get assess the collected papers of her late brother Ian and to start the work needed to begin digitalization. Having done a few test runs and with a little trial and error we are now 1000 pages into the project. Our initial scans are mostly oversized documents which require special handling. There are roughly 2000 more pages of these and almost 100 binders with an array of documents in them. The binders should go more quickly as they are A4 Paper (similar to Letter size) and will fit easily into the scanner.

It’s a race against time, with only 3 days left to work on completing this task. I’m off to bed to get an early start tomorrow!


2 responses to “1000 Pages Deep”

    • It’s been a whirlwind trip and. I’m now sitting at the Birmingham, England International Airport waiting for my plane to board. I’m still crunching the output, but in total we digitized over 6500 pages of work. I’m fishing through it and will start to provide more info once I get home.


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