General Research

Most American Adoptees Can’t Access Their Birth Certificates. That Could Be About to Change.

For anyone whose family has been touched by adoption, you likely already know how it is often almost impossible to understand your family history. Over the last few years I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to help adoptees locate information on their Ancestry. This often comes with mixed results and DNA research often […]


The Science & Art of family trees in today’s world

As I wonder through other peoples research looking for tidbits of info, I see a variety of methods employed by previous researchers that they found helpful before the advent of computing. Some of those have endured through to this very day. I’m very particular about how the data appears in my database and wanted to […]


Babb Y-DNA Colorized Chart

Have you ever wondered how your DNA stacks up against the rest of the Babb’s? With a little assistance of the people at Family Tree DNA you are now able to see this for yourself: http://www.familytre­­default.aspx?section=­ycolorized As we stand we have 20 total members in our DNA group and I’ve clustered them by lineage. 8 […]