I’m About to Bust!

I’ve been holding this secret for almost 10 months now and as I believe the event is fast approaching I just can’t hold it in any longer!

In January, I was contacted by the research team for Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I must admit that as I read the message and began to realize it wasn’t a hoax that I…well…words can’t really express the feeling that a Genealogist gets when someone is interested in their work, but it looks like this.

I tell you this because the new season of this show premieres on October 8th. I’ve not been able to ascertain if and when the episode will air, but it would theoretically happen in this season.

It could have been scrapped or never produced. The staff stopped responding at a certain point and I simply don’t know. But, fingers crossed we will see a story involving a Babb in this season.

The story will likely not be flattering as it involves a descendant of a former slave who was apparently the former property of his Babb Master in Laurens, South Carolina.

While I don’t know the identity of this descendant I can’t help but wonder. Anyone who is featured on this show has achieved great heights in their life.

And so begins a whole new waiting game…who is the Babb who descends from slavery?

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  1. When you find the date, let us know so we can view it. I’ll be watching the series when it fits my schedule. Harriet

  2. Congratulations. I know how you feel. My book, Shadiw Echo Me, the Making of American Values, was picked up by NatGeo for a documentary to air in 2020 about Democracy in America. I spent a month with them and out them in touch with a cousin in Stratham, NH where they spent two weeks with him filming. It makes the heart skip.

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