Naming Private Ryan

A co-worker took a flight recently and knowing my passion for all things genealogy (seriously, it’s pretty hard to miss) snapped a picture of this article in American Way Magazine.

The website has a very noble mission to bring the voices back to the millions of people in the photos from the Civil War. This technology, once perfected, stands the chance to help re-identify pictures of your ancestors that you have never seen.

Daniel Peter Babb

I have uploaded a picture of Daniel Peter Babb, whose photo stood out to me in our collection. Because I already know Daniel’s identity it is even more important to upload it to give the possibility to match to another photo someone else may upload.

Please upload any photos you have of your ancestors from the Civil War era to help that process out. If you aren’t able to do so yourself, please send me a copy of the photo and I’ll upload it for you.

Their website is located at:

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