A Huge welcome to our new members!

I want to welcome the almost 200 new members enlisted by one of our current members today. This is the single greatest leap in membership in our organization’s history!

I noticed that many are from different parts of the Caribbean, which is a group we have been interested in learning more about since we first learned of this great encampment of Babbs outside of the US and England.

There is much I need to learn about how to conduct research in these countries and I ask you to please be patient with me as I learn. One of our members Patricia Mae Anthony is bilingual and can offer council for those who’s preferred language is Spanish. She is also a Librarian and can be a great asset as we work to map out a tree for the region.

There is a theory that most of the families track back to Barbados and to a small plantation in the Northwest corner of the Island. Only time will tell, but I for one am excited to start to bring this into focus.

It is likely that many of those in this tree descend from slaves and some of the stories may be gruesome. But we will simply take the good with the bad and learn all that we can.

In the end I hope to be able to produce a real family tree for these lineages. It won’t be easy and it likely won’t be fast. I foresee that we will have many different unrelated lines as the people were brought in from various places at various times.

Submitting your Info for inclusion to the Master Tree

I’ve had trouble with the form for submitting your information and just fixed it finally tonight in anticipation of this announcement. It turns out I have to update the info here whenever I change my email password #D’oh!

If you’ve submitted a form before and haven’t heard back from me, then please submit it again. I will confirm as I input the information into the tree.

Please know that what takes you a couple of minutes takes me a few hours as I go and conduct research on the information provided to validate it with publicly available records. I often take a month to respond. Fortunately/unfortunately, I’ve got no where else to go right now as we are all on lockdown. So, let’s make great use of the time and start outlining this brand new tree!

Finally, I’d like to give a GIANT shout out to Richard Babb who brought us this exciting opportunity to take a massive leap forward.

If you’ve read this far (No matter where your line originates) and want to include your information in the Master Tree submit the form on this page that is linked just below and I’ll get to work.

Updating the Master Tree

There is no cost for this submission and no paid membership is required. However, subscribers gain direct access to the Master Tree as it is built and are able to add photos and stories for their loved ones. Paid subscribers allow us to conduct Y-DNA tests on suitable candidates that will help us push to our goal of outlining the trees and proving connections through DNA when the paper trail fails us.

If anyone is interested in becoming a subscriber/sustainer of the organization click here.

This news really brightened my day and I hope you are also excited about the possibilities!


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