Updating the Master Tree

As a benefit of being a paying member of the Babb Family Association you are now able to add photos and stories and to help by offering corrections to inaccurate data in the Master Tree.

With about 40,000 people in the tree managing the recent generations is a cumbersome and impossible task for one person to do. Additionally, I prefer to focus my energy on connecting the big branches together.

You know your branch of the tree in far more depth than I will ever be able to.  Additionally you have photos and memories of those in your extended family that will fade away if not captured for posterity. As your leaf falls who will remember you, your parents or grandparents? This process will allow their memories to live on forever and be secured as part of the Babb legacy. This also means that the data will be included in future editions of my book series Babb Unabridged.


  • Gain access to the Tree of Trees which now hosts about 40,000 total people, with attached photos, documents and other items of interest on Ancestry (note that no paid Ancestry subscription is required).
  • Add Photos and Stories to the collection.
  • Use Comments to suggest corrections.

When I invite you to the tree you will receive an invitation from Ancestry.com inviting you to join in the fun.

Here is how the process works:

Send me the following details as far back as you personally are aware of. Information on living individuals is automatically kept confidential by Ancestry (and myself) until a date of death is entered. If you are uncomfortable with providing certain data then leave it blank. But I have to have names to place you in the tree.

Step 3: As soon as you receive your invitation you will be able to get to work.

What to Do:

  • Remember that vague people and place names promote errors. What makes total sense to you, won’t mean a thing to someone across the country, so please be specific by using the City, County, State, Country. Please review my post titled Bobs your Uncle to review the Best Practices.
  • Ancestry Subscribers will have the additional ability to use the hint system to uncover documents such as Census, Military and Vital Records. Make sure the connection is correct and then wear yourself out adding as much detail as you would like. If you find one that is missing, place a URL link to it in the Comments Field so I can add it for you.
  • Know that privacy is of ultimate concern these days. Others will not be able to see your personal details or of anyone else who is living. Ancestry automatically protects this information as do I in my book series.

What NOT to Do:

Stress. I’ll be able to correct any issues that arise from your additions. I will receive a message detailing the changes you have made and will keep an eye on this in the background and let you know if a correction is needed.

Questions/Problem Reporting:

If you encounter a problem that you aren’t able to address through Ancestry’s comment system, please contact me using the form below:

I look forward to taking this tree to the next level with you!

Daniel Greig Bab

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