Peter Babb – 1831 Militia Record

This document came to me during one of my late night eBay hunts. It is 189 Years old and has clearly had a storied life. The document is extremely fragile and was difficult to scan. I did my best to line it up for readability but some words are simply missing.

It is an Order by the Commanding Officer, John Sturgis, to have a list of soldiers appear for active duty and inspection on October 1st, 1831.

Peter Babb’s name appears on the back of this document.

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Peter was born in about 1770 in Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine and resided most of his life in either Falmouth or in the neighboring town of Westbrook. So, by this time he was 61 years old. There is no context that I was able to find and the Maine State Archives are currently closed. Peter continued to live in Westbrook until his death in 1842.

For those wishing to see how Peter connects into the master tree here is his lineage:
Peter, Peter, James, Peter, Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals

Those who attended the 2011 Reunion have visited these locations on their way to see Babbs Bridge just a few miles away. Babbs Bridge was used as the backdrop for our Reunion Photo which was written up in a local newspaper called “The Wire”. I’ve included the article below as well.

Thanks for reading my posts. It means much to me in these difficult times to have a creative outlet and something to keep me distracted.


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