A whole new line of Babbs

While researching a new members family line at their request I stumbled across an entirely new line of Babbs that were previously unknown to my predecessor Jean A Sargent and me.

This line went unnoticed I believe because they bore the surname Babbs rather than Babb. While modern generations have dropped the “s” the way we researched the tree from the top down limited our ability to see them and exact name queries exclude them entirely. Jean must have been guilty of this as well, but I know I am.

The use of the trailing “s” is minimal in our tree and thus aren’t at the front of our minds.

As I started climbing his tree I found an error in one of the associations that prompted me to dig deeper. Along the way I was able to pair up with three fragments of trees that had never made sense to me previously so it was very cathartic.

The trail led me back 8 generations to Arthur W Babbs Sr who lived in North Carolina at the time of his son’s birth. He named his son Arthur W Babbs, so that made the connection easy.

Death Record of Arthur W Babbs, which lists his father as Arthur W Babbs Sr.

Tracing back to North Carolina in 1772 would generally indicate that Arthur is of the North Carolina Babb lineage. While I can’t be 100% certain of that without a Y-DNA test I had added Arthur W Babbs Sr as a North Carolina Babbs with a note that DNA is needed to prove this assumption. There are a jumble of Babbs who all seem to relate to the American Revolution War Hero Christopher Babb and records in this area are exceedingly scarce.

I’ll continue to look for additional generations in an attempt to link him, but for now I wanted to introduce you to the Descendants of Arthur W Babbs Sr.

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