Babb Family Archives

The Babb Family Archives (Formerly known as the Babb Family Collection incorporates the collected papers of several Genealogists and will continue to expand as our project grows. A subscription to the Archives NEVER EXPIRES and you will always have complete access as it grows for as long as you shall live!

The collection currently includes approximately 40,000 pages of content and a lifetime subscription is available for just $50.

Meet the Authors

Jean A. Sargent

Author of Babb Families of America who also left 17,000 pages of research
Ian Henry Babb

Collected papers include 5,800 pages that served as our foundation for understanding the 70+ trees in England
Daniel Greig Babb

Genealogist Babb Family Association
Author of Babb Unabridged and Babb Families of America 4th Edition
Thomas Babb

Prosperous Farmer who migrated from Staffordshire, England to Champaign, IL leaving a series of 8 Journals containing 1800 pages

The Books

Research Collection

Historical Books

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