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Interested in accessing your inner Babb? Here you can purchase a variety of memberships as well as purchase any or all of the Babb Unabridged book series that takes an in depth look at everything Babb!

Members of the BFA support all the work I do.  We have a simplified set of options for Membership. Note that your Spouse/Significant Other is included in the base membership. You can also purchase an Add-On Membership to send to a loved one.

Mission Statement:

Since its inception in 1989, the Babb Family Association has sought to provide the information necessary for Genealogical researchers to connect with their family tree. In 2004, a new mission was taken on to Protect and Preserve related historical artifacts. All programs benefit both its members and the general community.

Paying Member Benefits:

  1. Gain access to the Master Tree on
  2. Add their Branch to the Master Tree including about 20K attached documents (No subscription is required).
  3. Add Stories and photos for those in their branch of the tree.
  4. Provide support towards our DNA Scholarship and Preservation programs (see below).

Educational Supporting Programs:

  • DNA Scholarships: DNA testing is underway to prove the assumptions made in our research. It is hoped we will be able to connect several disparate lineages through this testing. Scholarships are available to pay for the tests to the first volunteer from each branch. with current efforts focusing on Male Babbs with a paperwork trail back to Devon and Cornwall, England where the majority of the untested groups reside.

Preservation Supporting Programs:

  • Log Home Rescue/Restoration: Our most important project is the Rescue and Restoration of the Seth Babb Log Home in Greeneville, TN. The log home is to become the centerpiece of a new historic park that will be open to the public. The Museum plans to use it as the tool to educate students from area schools on the history of Greene County. Additionally, the park will provide space for weddings, concerts and other public gatherings. Seth’s cabin will be located on a plot of land adjacent to the home of the 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson which is maintained by the National Park Service. Each year about 50,000 people visit the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site and a large percentage are expected to continue to Seth’s cabin. The 225 year old structure was rescued in 2004 when it was in danger of collapse. It is the oldest surviving building in Greene County, TN. The homestead has been placed on permanent loan to the Nathaniel Greene Museum and the City of Greeneville.
  •  Digitization of Paper’s of Jean A. Sargent: This collection of 29 years of research was bought by the Association and donated to the Handley Research Library in Winchester, VA. It spans 34 boxes. The collection was digitized and copies are available to researchers around the globe.
  • Digitization of Paper’s of Ian Babb: Ian’s lifelong passion was to make sense of the Babb families of England in similar fashion to the work Jean A. Sargent did in the United States. His almost 6,000 pages of research have been digitized and preserved for future researchers. Together they form the backbone of our understanding of the 74 disparate trees of Babbs in England. He was never able to publish his work before his untimely death and thus these papers are even more crucial to protect.

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