BFA News & Notes now available for full text search.

Thirty years of the Babb Family Association’s News & Notes (N&N) is now available in a single publication as a component of the Babb Family Archives. With a single download you can query every word Jean A. Sargent & Daniel G. Babb ever wrote over the course of 52 editions.

Note that there is an overlap from 2013-Present where the blog was already in motion, but the newsletter had ceased to be published. For the overlapping 5 years, both were produced with some special content written only for the News & Notes subscribers. The recommendation is to query both to obtain a complete perspective.

Going forward from 2019, the blog is the single source of communication for the BFA.

So, why put them all together now? I’ve begun to realize that there is a vast amount of information provided in the News & Notes that was previously difficult to cross reference. This publication will remove that barrier.

Need Access to the Archives?

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