Kissing Cousins

Today we take a peek into the lives of Enoch Luther Babb and his wife Judith Babb who were married on 20 Jan 1880 in Southampton County, Virginia. Judith was born in 1854 on the Isle of Wight, Virginia to John Henry and Martha Ann (Edwards) Babb. Their line traces all the way back up the tree to the Robert Babb (4-1-1) & Ann Hough.

Enoch was born on the Isle of Wight, VA in 1854 to William & Nancy (Jones) Babb. William’s heritage isn’t exactly clear at the time of this writing. But given the location and timeframe they are both members of the Virginia/North Carolia Babb lineage that we refer to as the White Stags.

Together the couple thrived, having born at least 10 children and 48 years of connubial bliss.

Digging into Enoch’s history, I found some interesting details about his life. The first curiosity begins at his birth. It confirms William as Enoch’s father, but on the far right of the entry, it lists the informant as Enoch Babb, who is listed as the father. There is no other Enoch Babb in the US or UK trees that predates Enoch Luther Babb. A typo seems highly unlikely in this time period, so I am guessing that Enoch is the father of William Babb, who is the father of Enoch Luther.

I’m soliciting feedback on this to see if anyone else is familiar enough with this set of records to help reach a firm conclusion on the subject.

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