The Tall Tale of Janan Babb Vaughn

52 months ago, I brought you a story about a Janan Babb. She received a Postcard that was for sale on eBay, and I couldn’t resist. I purchased it on sight and a week later it was at my door. I was able to tell from the skimpy paper trail that she had married a man by the name of Vaughn.

The postcard was sent by what I supposed was a friend of hers. I’ve since been contacted by a descendant of hers who brought her story into perspective.

It turns out that Janan was quite the Basketball Player. This was not so much a surprise as the main pictures I have of her is from her high school annual where she played on the Basketball Team.

Janan stood at 6′ tall and was a good athlete. But she was modest about it. She always presented herself with pure class and never bragged about her prowess on the court.

She was an eternal extrovert, but when it came to marriage, she selected a man that was just the exact opposite of who she was.

There may have been one exception. She had a rivalry with her uncle Del. You see Del was even taller at 6′ 3″ and he also played basketball. He was also older than her.

They were pitted against each other in a single game. The rivalry was strong, and he scored 12 points. Janan went on to score 53 points in that single game, which was more than he scored in the entire season.

Throughout it all, Janan and family were big supporters of the YMCA, which is easily explained through the fun they had as children at the Maine State YMCA Camp.

This postcard will soon be on its way back to the descendants…that is as soon as I can locate it in one of my roughly 30 containers of memories.

I still can’t account for why this postcard reached out to me as I viewed it on eBay, but I can think of no more fitting place for it to reside than with her descendants!

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