John W. & Ethel Babb and daughter Geraldine B. Babb – Photo

Today I have two photos to share. The first is of John W. Babb (b. Oct 1885) and his wife Ethel A. (Maiden name unknown). The writing on the back of this post card says “Mr. & Mrs. John Babb from Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Galiher.

Mrs. Elmer Ross Galiher was also known as Ruinna B. Babb who was born 07 Aug 1897 in Estill Co., KY to William M. & Louisa Jane (Jenkins) Babb. Ruinna’s brother is the John Babb mentioned in the inscription. It appears the post card was delivered via their parents. However, it was not mailed. It is simply printed on a card stock with a post card reverse.

The second photo makes sense in this context. It is the 3rd child of John and Ethel, who are featured in the first photo. Her name is inscribed on the reverse side of the same type of postcard, though it is spelled differently than how I record her in the “big tree.”

Geraldine B. Babb was born about 1918 in Oklahoma. I should note that the tonality is different between the two photos, which is an indication that they were not produced simultaneously. The parent’s picture is a Black & White photo, while Geraldine’s is in Sepia Tone.

The photo of John and Ethel is likely a wedding photo given the pose they are in and the fact that she is in a white dress. A wedding ring is visible on her left hand as well. The date of this photo is likely circa 1910. While the photo of Geraldine would date to approximately 1918-1919.

While I do find many things on eBay, I also receive them from other sources. in this case, the photos came to me through a very good samaritan. She had seen these in a store for sale in Omaha and took it upon herself to locate a family member to repatriate the photos.

I’m so glad she did!

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