Will Janan Babb-Vaughn please stand up?

This is another of my eBay finds and although it is much more modern than the work I typically do, something about it caught my eye and a week later it was at my house.

It’s a post card sent to Janan Babb from her friend Del in 1949 while he was visiting the Maine State YMCA Camp in Winthrop, Maine. Del was having a a great time watching “fire lights by magic and making a bracelet.”

about a half a dozen years later I was able to locate Janan still living in Camden, Maine at (you guessed it) Camden High School. She was quite active and had a quite a number of photos in the Annual, but this one is my favorite as she was on the Basketball team. She is the first person nealing at the top left of the V. You can click on any of the images to see them at full size.

Janan is the daughter of Charles Wilkes Babb, Jr (1-5-4-4-2-2-1-4-2) and a descendant of Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals. Because this is such a modern record I don’t know much more about what happened to her as she progressed through life. She moved with her family to Rockland, Maine by 1961 and married David E Vaughn in 1964. After that the paper trail runs dry.

I’m hoping that someone will be able to help us learn what happened after this. If she is still alive I’d love to get this card back to her.



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  1. Daniel, That post card is from my uncle to his sister (my mother). Love to talk about this and the Babb lineage. Please email me. Thank you.

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