Northwest Devon: Bideford & Arlington

The residents of Bideford also come from either the DNA-06 Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh or DNA-05 Falcons of Fremington. There is a sizeable collection of Babbs in this city with 338 people linked to the city. There is also a fragment of a line that appears to have no living male heirs by the name of Devon Pedigree (Bideford 1849) which was formerly known under Ian Babb’s system as Devon Pedigree 30. I was unable to find a suitable match for that line at this time.

Also, I found that I missed a town up near the Brendon to Ilfracombe route I first stopped at in Northwest Devon. So, I popped over to inspect their 15 records. On the visit I uncovered a new family unit of John Babb & Charity Bryan with their 9 children. I didn’t see any connections for the male children to others in the database at this time.

There is nothing else to tell here, so I’m moving on to the big city of Barnstaple tomorrow!

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