Northwest Devon: HomeTown of the Falcons of Fremington

Happy New Years from a cloudy 54° day in Fremington. I’ve traveled there through the Internet for this first day of the year!

This line is, of course, the hometown of DNA-05 Falcons of Fremington. Much of the research on this line has already been done and thus there are only 4 records remaining. They all continued to bolster the Fremington Lineage. The main point here is that Fremington likely isn’t the ancestral home of this line. This is where it currently begins. We know that they are different genetically than the Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh but haven’t paired them with a tree that goes further back at this time. A better analysis can be done once all the records are accounted for and we can look for trends. The possibility exists that a “Non-Paternal Event” occurred that caused this lineage to be genetically different. But for now, I press forward!

Northwest Devon – Courtesy Bing Maps

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