Northwest Devon: Barnstaple

Today we conclude our research in Northwest Devon with the big city of Barnstaple. Here we find that the bulk of the residents from the DNA-06 Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh lineage. There is minimal activity also from the DNA-05 Falcons of Fremington lineage. The about 70 records available did a good job at filling in much of the record, but provided no new major insights into either of those lines.

However, there is a significant presence of a tree that we aren’t currently able to match. I’ve named it Devon Pedigree (Barnstaple 1711), which now stands at 402 people strong. It was formerly known by Ian Babb as Devon Pedigree 04, Devon Pedigree 15 & Devon Pedigree 34. It goes without saying that this was heavily fragmented in the past, which is why Ian had so many separate lines that he wasn’t able to match up. But over time it has slowly come into focus. I’ve included the tree below for you to peruse.

Northwest Devon – Courtesy Bing Maps

Devon Pedigree (Barnstaple 1711)
Note: The file has been privatized due to living descendants of this tree.

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