Northwest Devon: Closing the Loop in Bishops Tawton

I’m heading to Bishops Tawton today to look further into the line of Thomas Babb born 1785, who is an apparent match with Thomas of the line Devon Pedigree (Monkleigh 1785). Thomas is the head of this line, but he named his son Abel, which was a clue that I should look inside the lineage of DNA-05 Falcons of Fremington for a match.

Northwest Devon – Courtesy Bing Maps

In Bishops Tawton we find 3 records and the first one up is for Thomas Babb, born to Abel Babb & Mary Cann. This is the proof I was looking for. Both his father and son bear the same unusual name. There are only 7 Abels in the entire English Babb tree and they all are members of the Good Shepherds.

Thomas Babb – born about 24 Apr 1785 – Courtesy Devon County Council

The second record was for Thomas‘ sister Ann and the third record was roughly 40 years later when a member of the Falcons of Fremington, by the name of Samuel, was born in Bishops Tawton.

The updated falcon line now contains 11 total generations and spans 568 people. Once again, as there are living members in this tree, I’ve privatized the information of the living.

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