Northwest Devon: The Crossroads that is Monkleigh

In Monkleigh we first come across records for the William Babb & Mary Blake family, which are members of DNA-06 Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh. Additionally, we find the family of William Babb & Sarah (Sally) Nancekivell from this same lineage

Northwest Devon – Courtesy Bing Maps

The next cluster of records lands us with Samuel Babb & Mary Shambrook who are members of DNA-05 Falcons of Fremington.

The next cluster of records is for Thomas Babb & Ann Heywood who are members of Devon Pedigree (Monkleigh 1785). This line contains an Abel, which is a popular name in the Falcons Lineage, but doesn’t appear at all in the Good Shepherds. So, I’m looking to connect it. Thomas in this line appears to be a match with a Thomas who was born the same year in Bishops Tawton, which is 13 Miles (20km) away, so that will be my first stop tomorrow.


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