Northwest Devon: The Burbs

Today we will make a sweep through all of the remaining Suburbs of the significant Babb encampments.

Batch #1

We start our visit in the lower right quadrant of this map and see Brayford (Outlined on the Edge of Exmoor National Forest), Bishops Nympton, Burrington, Chittlehampton & Swimbridge. The combined towns account for a mere 9 records, so this went pretty quickly with a few new fragments of trees, but nothing

The main highlight from this small batch of records is a connection to DNA-06 Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh which came to this area as they spread out across Devon. Sadly, the George listed in this record didn’t survive, but his younger brother from 2 years later with the same name did and he carried the line forward.

Northwest Devon – Courtesy of Bing Maps

Batch #2

Next we make a second approach from the bottom left quadrant of this map and visit the towns of Hartland (Outlined next to Welcombe) and Welcome, Buckland Brewer, Monkleigh & Great Torrington.

In Hartland (3 records) we find a family that is an extension of DNA-07 Falcons of Fremington

Next door in Welcome (1 record) we find the marriage record for Abel Babb & Willmet (Wilmot) Stanbury who are an extension of the DNA-06 Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh.

Moving inland we come to Buckland Brewer (2 records) and once again come across Abel & Willmet with the baptism record for their 3rd Child, George Henry Babb. I should note that they moved a lot, so you’ll continue to see them pop up as I continue today’s post.

The second record is the marriage record for Thomas Babb & Catherine Morrish (Morish) on 09 Oct 1836. Thomas is a part of the tree known as Devon Pedigree (Monkleigh 1785) and no connection is currently known for this tree to the others. I’ll be getting to Monkleigh in short order, but I have to shelf this one for now and will revisit when I visit the town.

There was nothing to see in Torrington (2 Records), so I moved on to Northam (4 Records) where we establish a new tree with the family unit of John Babb & Susanna Wood, who were married and bore 3 children.

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