Northwest Devon: Brendon, Lynton & Ilfracombe

The locations on this map contain 254 of the remaining 523 records. That is an aweful lot to take in at one time. So, I’ll be breaking it up into several sections to help contain things. Barnstaple has 111 records on its own.

I start along the northern coastline visiting Brendon, Lynton and Illfracombe which contain 55 records. Note that while Trentishoe is on the map, the record there did not lead anywhere, so it is ignored in this post.

All Roads Lead to Thelbridge

Brendon has just a single marriage record for David Babb & Elizabeth Knill in 1719. Given its proximity to the Babb enclave in Lynton, I believed it was likely an offshoot of that town. I was pleasantly surprised to find David’s Baptism record in Lynton and got an unexpected surprise of making a connection back to Thelbridge, a town near Halberton that I discussed in my last post. Brendon lies about 30 miles (48 km) from Thelbridge.

The Babbs of Lynton and Ilfracombe are continuations of this same tree, and you can see the migration pattern as the family spread out along the northern shore in a Westward fashion.

Connecting the Old with the New

This is the first time that I’ve been able to add a substantial amount to one of the existing trees. I was able to add generations on the early record side and added a total of 3 Generations to the line formerly known as Devon Pedigree 27 which was previously misdiagnosed as being from a Devonport lineage. With the error corrected and a match made on through Elizabeth Walters who married John Babb on 10 Dec 1797 in Ilfracombe I was able to match unto a more modern tree that stretches all the way to today!

I’ve privatized this particular tree in respect for the privacy of the living. We definitely need a Y-DNA candidate from this line and I’ll be seeing what I can do to find a living descendant to work with on a Y-DNA test.

So, without further delay, please let me present to you an 11-generation tree that currently stretches from 1684 to today (337 Years). Today was a good day!

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