3 New Pedigrees: London-Essex 01A, 01B & 01C

I was contacted by a a new member about adding his information to the Master Tree. His Surname is Babbs, the plural variation of our name. We have no idea why some families adopted the trailing “s” but they are definitely part of our extended family.

His family traces back 9 Generations to Henry Babbs who was born before 1729 and they always resided in the London/Essex area. Essex borders London’s North East Corner. The family lived in the southern part of Essex near the border and many records flip back and forth but are rarely more than 10 miles from each other over this almost 300 year period.

London-Essex PEDIGREE 01A

John Babbs 1st married Sarah Turner in Saint Sepulcher Church in London on 13 Nov 1742. There is no explanation as to what happened but their marriage was short lived. No Issue were recorded.

John Babbs 2nd married Susannah Watson in Essex County on 08 Oct 1745 and they went on to have at least one Son that they named Henry in 1749.

John Babbs 3rd married Ann Eve in Saint Sepulcher 28 Mar 1758 and they went on to have at least one Daughter that they named Amelia.

Saint Sepulcher Church, shown in the 1870s.

I’m unable to trace the family further back, but found two other fragments of lines in the same location that are certainly members of the extended family, I wasn’t able to unite the trees but they go much further back.

London-Essex Pedigree 01B

Our second Pedigree is headed by Thomas Babbs who was born before 1658. Thomas married Mary (maiden name unknown) and they gave birth to John Babbs (not the same as the John Babbs in the above tree) in 1671.

London-Essex PEDIGREE 01C

Our third pedigree is headed by James Babbs who was born before 1672. James married Sarah (maiden name unknown) and they gave birth to John Babbs (once again, not the same as the others above) in 1685.


In order to treat these three trees as a cluster, I’ve employed a naming convention that indicates to me that they are interconnected. The close proximity along with the very rare Plural form our our surname indicates that they belong together.

They don’t match any of the other known Babb(s) in the database and I currently can’t explain where they really came from or if they connect to one of the known Y-DNA lineages on file. I’m asking our new member to consent to a Y-DNA test so that we can document this unique tree properly and at least answer some of the outstanding questions.

How it is that Ian Henry Babb (my predecessor in England) overlooked this tree is unknown to me. It has been a number of years since his death and record keeping was much more difficult in those days. Genealogy has come a long way in the last 10 years as compute power and records flooded the Internet. Additionally, London is an ancient city and has drawn people in search of a better life for centuries. For that reason it is a melting pot for people from all over the country and world. This makes research difficult at times.

Regardless, these are the first new Pedigrees since I completed the import of his records and I’m happy to bring it to you. Below you will find links to the PDFs for each Pedigree so you can get acquainted.

There is much more to learn about these families as I move forward in my research. Note that the last two pedigrees are merely fragments at this time.

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