DNA Waiting Game – Staffordshire, England Edition

I have recently met with a member of Staffordshire Pedigree 01, whose family tree extends back to the hamlet of Gratwich in Staffordshire, England. He has agreed to conduct a DNA test to help us track where this line belongs in the Master Tree! For those playing the home game, Staffordshire is home to 8 different Pedigrees which all trace back to nearby communities and appear to be direct relation to each other. The 861 people who descend of these 8 pedigrees have never, to my knowledge, been DNA tested and this represents the single largest untested community of Babbs in England (and really the world). They also account for 1/3 of the untested population of Babbs, with another 1/3 in Devon and the remainder spread around England. So whatever happens the world of Babb will never be the same again!

The DNA waiting game is full of hurry up and wait periods and the entire process will take about 2 months to complete and render a result.

If you have been through previous seasons of The DNA Waiting Game you will recall that it can yield unexpected results at times. Will this finally be the missing link that connects one of the three US lineages of Babbs back to England? Will it simply connect to one of the other 5 established lines or will it establish a 9th lineage? At this point, only time will tell and I am giddy at the prospect of finally sorting this out.

So, I’m very anxious to see the results of this test. Fingers crossed we get a match!

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