Stonecypher Family Cabin Dedication on August 18th

Stonecypher Family Cabin Dedication

The Stonecypher Family will be dedicating their families cabin on August 18th 10am at the Davey Crockett Birthplace Homestead. Their land was used to form the Park.

For many this name will be familiar. Annie Stonecypher married Seth Babb, Jr in 1820 and they lived in the Seth Babb Homestead you have heard so much about. They are closely related to the Babbs of Greene County, TN

The Sons of the American Revolution’s  Mountain men will be doing the musket firing at the celebration.

If you would like to learn more contact Rick Stonecypher.

2 thoughts on “Stonecypher Family Cabin Dedication on August 18th

  1. Seth Babb is in my family tree and this article is fascinating. I am not well versed about the history, but in reading this article was astounded to see the name Seth Babb. Would appreciate increasing my knowledge of this family. Where do I go to find for discovery?


    • On this Blog just search for the word Seth. There are a slew of articles about him because he is the builder of the Homestead currently on display as part of the Greeneville Greene County Historical Museum in Greeneville, TN. I’ve been writing about Seth for almost 14 years now.

      Welcome cousin!


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