DNA Waiting Game Teaser – Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago, Costa Rico Edition

For the newest members of our group welcome! We seek to define the earliest origins of all Babbs and are using DNA testing to help prove what the paper trail has not.

The “DNA Waiting Game” is a chance for the world of Babb to collectively hold our breath and await the long process of waiting for the DNA test results to come in.  Normally I wait until I have the DNA test on order to make these announcements, but I am just too excited and won’t be able to sleep until I can share the news. I have recently made contact with a large number of Babbs from Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Costa Rico. They were all brought to me by this woman with the most angelic face, by the name of Darkie Babb. Darkie Babb

Don’t look for her or her family in the existing books because I’ve never had the opportunity to trade family trees with someone from this area of the world. So, I had nothing to go on other than the DNA results themselves, which don’t do you much good without a supporting family tree.

Long ago, a gentleman contacted me to join the Babb Surname Group who lived in the Island of Barbados. He didn’t match to anyone in our tree and his Y-DNA roots dated back to Africa instead of England as most in our tree do. As with most of our early DNA results I didn’t know how to interpret the data and it not being what I was looking for I didn’t follow up. I’ve always regretted that and once I realized that I was slowly building a repository of all the Babb lines on the planet I tried to reach out. But I’ve never been able to restore contact and think he may have passed away.

Like a ray of light, Darkie entered and brought me a number of connections that are great candidates. I’m working with them now to understand how the various people are connected to decide which of them to conduct a test on and help prove the connections.

This is the first promising lead for what looks to be a non-English line in the world of Babb and I’m so excited I could spit! #howvivid.

Please join me in thanking Darkie for coming into our lives to help solve this longstanding mystery!

I’ll post again when I have a suitable candidate who has explained their Babb lineage and also agreed to take the DNA test. Just in case you are wondering, we can only use Males who still bear the Babb surname on these tests. The Y-Chromosome is what is tested, which is passed along from father to son and dates back thousands of years. There are other types of tests available, but only this test will tell us how the surname connects into distant times.

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