Leaving the Paper Trail Behind to find Phillip (Part 2)

Back in November, I posted regarding using treatments of local records combined with DNA matches that have other surnames. My research ended up being inconclusive, due to a lack of 35-37 marker matches who had other surnames. Our best matches that are outside of our organization are 22-25 marker matches. Each additional match brings down the number of generations since your common ancestor. The only close matches we have so far are all from Phillip’s line in America.

At the Genetic Genealogy Conference (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) I learned that the lion share of the test candidates for DNA are from America, with very little tests being conducted overseas. This makes it hard to find a match with anyone on the other side of “The Pond.”

I had the opportunity to have Dr. Tyrone Bowes himself, examine the available information and he reached the same conclusion, but with one additional phrase “probably Devon”.

So, we need to continue to recruit candidates from England to take a DNA test and bide our time. Meanwhile the results are Inconclusive…for now.


Repost: Originally posted on Jun 21, 13

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