Fox Park Fair

In addition to being the new location of the Seth Babb Homestead, Fox Park in Greeneville, TN is also the home of a twice weekly fair, where the vendors make a donation to the development of the park at the end of the day. I’ve come across their Facebook page for you to visit and/or “like” it:

Fox Park Fair

In addition to the Fair, there are other changes afoot at the park that are of interest. Betty Fletcher has been appointed to direct the development effort and a Blue Ribbon Committee has been assembled to drive the completion.

The committee will be responsible for completing the fund raising for the chimney that will soon be added to the homestead. Additionally, they will complete the vision for the community garden (which has temporarily been put on hold) and it is their vision that will complete the look of the park.

Regarding the homestead itself, we are awaiting the delivery of the doors to the blacksmith so that he may create custom reproduction strap hinges that will provide the doors a long life and a secure environment for the homestead.

Repost: Originally posted on Jul 9, 13

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