Not much to say

I realized I haven’t made a post in a while and wanted to explain why. There really hasn’t been much to say. We are in a holding pattern waiting on the door hardware for the front and back doors. There was a mixup about who was creating the replacement doors, but that has been resolved. As soon as the newly constructed doors are back to our blacksmith, he can get the exact weight and dimensions needed to create the strap hinges that will hold them up.

Look for them to be similar to the straps used on the 2nd floor shutters. Oh, and don’t worry, the new doors are made of vintage wood, so they will look like they fit in.

As soon as I have a date I’ll let you know. I still hope to go to Greeneville for the last day of work.

I understand there is progress on the chimney, but don’t know the details yet. I hope to have more info soon.

Finally, I also hope to get the long overdue newsletter out momentarily. There was a problem with the hotel registration website caused when the hotel changed hands from Holiday Inn to Wyndham. Once I have it squared away I’ll be sending the newsletter out.

Repost: Originally posted on Jun 18, 13

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