Time for a new look

It’s time for a fresh look for the News & Notes, so with the first issue of the new cycle we are launching with a fresh banner page and hope you will like it as much as we do. In keeping with the times, the News & Notes will now reflect the posts on my Blog. So, if you want to stay abreast of the story as it develops go ahead and sign up. And if you miss something, no worries, because a paper copy will be coming to your doorstep with the next edition of the news & notes.

NOTE: Home delivery is a benefit of membership to the Babb Family Association. To join for the (2011-2013 cycle) send $20 to Babb Family Association, 4252 Keys Drive, The Colony, TX 75056.

If you haven’t already renewed, please do so now. Your membership allows us to do the great things we do with DNA research, The Log Home Restoration, The Digitization of Jean Sargent’s Papers, etc. Sign up to be notified as posts are made to the Blog at: http://www.myfamily.­com/blog/123296

Repost: Originally posted on May 27, 11

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