Babb’s Annex Canada

Please join me in welcoming the Newfoundland Babb’s back into the tree! In the first significant discovery by our DNA testing initiative, we have proven that the Babb’s of Newfoundland, Canada are in fact descendants of Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals. Descendants of William Babb of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in Canada have searched for many years for proof of his ancestry. Unable to prove any connection via a paper trail we recently resorted to DNA testing. The tests were conclusive showing a complete 12 marker match to the descendants of Phillip Babb.

Testing for an additional 25 markers has been ordered to narrow down which branch William descends from. Results should be available within the next several weeks and I will send an update as the situation develops.

I am very excited to be hot on the trail of reconnecting this significant branch. This marks the first time our DNA testing has confirmed a relationship that was suspected but not proven. This discovery gives me practice and hope for the day when we will finally match to a Babb in England and trace our common roots to Phillip’s birthplace.

Repost: Originally posted on Mar 4, 11

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