21 Days until the reunion

Wow, this thing is coming up fast! It is just 3 weeks away now! I’ve spent the last several days confirming dates, locations, menus, planes, trains and automobiles. I’m having the final agenda reviewed and will post it in the next day or so.

Reunion News: One of the favorite things at past reunions was the copier. I’m pleased to announce that we have gotten agreement from the Host Hotel to allow us to share their Copier/Printer for the weekend. I’ll have my portable scanner with me also. So, if you have some pictures (Jean, I’m talking to you) to share bring them along. Wednesday night will be the best time to do that. I’ll also be sharing anything we collect online, so stay tuned!

I’m really excited about the agenda and can’t wait for everyone to see it. Next stop is to compile the research on the 40 pepole we will be talking about at the reunion. Dan

Repost: Originally posted on May 31, 11

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