Roof, Doors & Windows Green-lighted on Seth Babb Homestead

Due to new pledges for $1500 more in cash and a Goods donation of approximately $1125 we have been able to green-light the completion of the remaining portions of Phase 2 of our plan. This includes the remaining Roof System, Gables, Doors & Windows.

So, in our countdown to completion we still need to raise:

$26,005 – Work Remaining

$8,582 – Cash on-hand & Pledges

$9,614 – Cash left to raise

Goods & Services left to raise

Our next phases are:

– Phase 3: Chimney

– Phase 4: Chink (weatherproofing)

– Phase 5: Interior

We are still seeking donations. There are still 11 more days before the Tax Year ends to get yours in!

Let’s finish the job!

Repost: Originally posted on Dec 20, 11

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