Seth Babb Homestead: Finish the Job

Where do we stand?

We finally have a full accounting of the work done thus far and having written some big checks for the reassembly of Seth Babb’s Homestead, I thought it would be good to share with everyone what has been accomplished so far and a roadmap for what is still needed to finish the job.

When we started this project 7 years ago, we only had in mind to replace a broken beam and to get a new roof. We knew it would somehow not be enough, but this organization of 170 people was untested for fund-raising. The regular reunions had provided us a strong bond but the rest was unsure.

Along the way we received our Non-Profit Status with the IRS, founded the Babb Preservation Fund, taken possession of the Homestead, negotiated for it to become the centerpiece of a new public park and the Nathaniel Greene Museum and collected over $34,000 for 3 different preservation projects.

We have accomplished so much, but more is needed to finish the job.

The reassembly in all has cost $16,813.48, which takes us from the foundation up to the shingles & rafters. While I’m on the topic, the roof hasn’t actually been put on yet due to an illness of the foreman. He is on the mend and we hope to have it installed sometime next week. We currently have $4000 in remaining cash on hand for the project with another $2000 pledged for a total of $6,000 remaining towards finishing the job.

Where we need to go:

There is a sum total of $26,005 in work that remains to be done before we can call our project complete. We hope to raise 1/3 of that in donated goods and services (mostly for the chimney and Doors & Windows). Counting the cash and pledges on hand this will leave us with approximately $10,800 left to raise so we can finish the job!

Call to Action:

I am looking for a 10 donors who are able to give $1000 or more towards this most important endeavor. If you aren’t able to give at that level take a look at the remaining budget items below, select an item you would like to sponsor and let me know so I can mark it off our list. Seth Babb’s Homestead stands on the edge of glory, we need only to finish the job! Please contact me to discuss your tax deductible donation today at dan@adventuresingenealog­


Section 2 – Cabin Repair & Reassembly – Exterior Only Roof System & Roofing

Replacement Rafters 0

Replacement Roof Lathe 200 Felt 54

Supplies & Fasteners 250

Shakes/Shingles 0

Scaffold Rent 150

Labor – Install Rafters 0

Labor – Install Lathe 327

Labor – Install Shingles 654




Gables Replacement Siding 200

Replacement Gable Studs 0

Replacement Gable Studs 0

Supplies & Fasteners 75

Labor – Install Studs 245

Labor – Install Siding 409



Doors & Windows

Replacement Doors – 3 450

Replacement Windows – 4 600

Replacement Windows – 2 400

Jambs/Bucks – Doors 0

Jambs/Bucks – Windows 0

Labor – Install Doors 327

Labor – Install Windows 409



Section 3 – Chimney Chimney

Limestone Blocks 2,500

Labor – Load Stone 409

Mortar 980

Misc Supplies 150

Freight to Site 500

Labor – Install Stone 3,270



Section 4 – Chinking Chinking

Foam 2,700

Plastic & Supplies 125

Perma Chink 3,000

Labor – Foam 1,226

Labor – Perma Chink 1,226



Section 5 – Interior Installation – Interior Work Only Flooring

Replacement Flooring 936

Milling 250

Supplies & Fasteners 100

Labor – Install 1st Floor 572

Labor – Install 2nd Floor 572




Replacement Treds (as necessary) 200

Install & Finish Supplies 100

Labor 327



Interior Wall

Replacement Paneling 0

Labor – Install Paneling 286

Supplies & Fasteners 50



Stoop Porches (2)

Rafters 108

Carrier Beams 100

Braces 16

Roof Decking 300

I&WS 39

Shingle 150

Labor – Porch Floor Install 327

Labor – Porch Frame Install 409

Labor – Install Shakes 327



Grand Totals – All Costs 26,005

Repost: Originally posted on Dec 15, 11

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