Inscription found / details on log raising

I just heard from the builder that an inscription was found on one of the logs. It is very faint, but clearly reads “Babb”. It is one of those things that stirs the imagination. Who knows when it was put there or why.

I also got more info on how the re-building will work. In the coming weeks concrete piers will be installed and then skirted with flagstone so they look authentic. The beams will be laid across them and then a temporary plywood floor installed. This will all be done beforehand and will allow for the volunteers to use the floor while installing the logs. When we get to the right heighth we will install the second floor beams and then an additional plywood floor will be installed (by professionals) so that we have access to the full structure.

The logs will be raised by hand using 4 strong volunteers at the top and 4 more with ropes to hoist and poles to push them into place.

This is the kind of event that the more hands the better, so there isn’t a limit to the number of people who can assist.

The roof will be completed the following week and the chimney as weather permits in the coming months. The inside is a painstaking two man job for professionals. This will be completed as funds are available.

Friday is a travel day and the main log raising will be on Saturday November 5th starting early in the morning and any remaining logs will be lifted on Sunday.

More later!


Repost: Originally posted on Sep 28, 11

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