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Wow, I was only in New England for 3.5 days and logged abour 300 miles and visited 6 Libraries (Ipswich, Greenland, Portsmouth Athenaeum, Rye, Salem & York) and had lunch with the author of “This Desired Place” Julia Older. I’m posting the remainder of my files today which include some of the most valuable finds of my trip. There is so much more I wished I had time for and I found out as I was leaving that the bulk of the Shoals records are at the Portsmouth Public Library and not the private one I visited. Julia said that there were election records there that contained Phillips thumbprint from when he voted. It was like a dagger when I heard this and had no time to go. I had been persuaded by the folks at the Athenaeum to go to the Rye Library instead and was told there wouldn’t be anything at the Public Library. A bum steer, but I’ll catch it next time. About the files I’m posting today: 1. Banks Genealogies: I traveled to York, ME to see the document myself that was first found by Judy Babb at the 2001 Reunion. The record, which you will find on the first page contains a reference to a marriage record at one of the two churches in Portsmouth, Devon, England. What I found was so much more. While I was waiting on the librarian to finish her speil was that the book also references several of the other families I was searching for. Namely, the Bragdon, Norton & Twisden trees. Lydia Bragdon (on page 6) 1st married Phillip Babb (1-3). She married 2nd Samuel Norton (which is possibly listed on Page 17). There is something to the connection that has been muddled and I’ll need to sort out. I have their marriage date listed as what his birth date is listed on this form. Also listed is Lydia Bragdon’s mother Lydia Twisden (Page 22). Her family tree is revealed here. Most all of this is new information that was not previously contained in our tree. As a reminder, this genealogy was being prepared by noted genealogist Charles Banks. It has never been published so isn’t available elsewhere. 2. Hoyt Genealogy: I’m also posting the Genealogy for Isreal Hoyt (Hoit) who was Grace Taprill’s first husband before Sampson Babb (1-4). 3. Peter Babb file: From the Portsmouth Athenaeum this seems to have at least two different Peter’s in it. (1-5 & probably 1-5-1-6-1). The later Peter had an inquest into his drowning that was ruled accidental in 1802. 4. Rye Marriages: Thomas Babb (??) and Susannah Locke marriage. Looks similar to Maribeh Locke but the time isn’t right, so I’m not sure where this one goes yet. I’ll be digesting this info over the next couple of weeks and coming up with future research lists. Right now I still have more questions than answers. Cheers! Dan

Repost: Originally posted on Apr 16, 10

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