NH State Papers

I forgot to mention a major amount of records I found online. NH has posted some 30,000 pages of early records from the state online. It is even indexed! Here is the link: http://www.sos.nh.go­v/archives/nhstatepap­ers.html Additionally, the University of New Hampshire has posted about 100 years of The Granite Monthly, a magazine devoted to literature, history and state progress. It is also searchable. 🙂 http://watterston.un­h.edu:8881/R/52X2KRTM­ADCVPKGT1JYJD3K1VERXT­YSY1PPR99S2H6GJ9RQSVS­-00003?func=search You better get some coffee first before you dig in to these! Dan

Repost: Originally posted on Apr 16, 10

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