1787 Seth Babb Homestead

William Carter Babb the “1%-er” (correcting the record)

While proofing my work for the upcoming book on the North Carolina Babb Family, I stumbled across a significant error that needed correction. You see, when first transcribing Jean A. Sargent’s Babb Families of America I used the 2nd Edition, which was the only one available to me at the time. I knew that there […]


Extra! Extra! (Greeneville Sun Article dated July 09, 2014)

The reconstruction of the Chimney at the 1787 Seth Babb Homestead was picked up by our friends at the Greeneville Sun. I almost overlooked the article after the TV Station picked up the story. But I’m glad someone pointed it out to me. In the picture you can see the Cinder Block structure of the […]