Shaking it up

Seth Babb’s 1787 Homestead, got its new permanent roof last weekend. I have attached what I believe is the first picture ever of the virtually completed exterior. The new cedar shake shingle roof is on. This newly added roof replaces the first one that had been improperly installed, and this one is water tight, and beautifully done. A special thanks to Canjoe John for seeing this through and providing the pictures and supporting info for this post.

With each passing day the checklist grows shorter on the interior. The ceiling and beams are now fully painted. I’ve also included 1800092_537905269676901_687026622365109485_oa view showcasing the newly distressed painted beams with the period Revere Green, which celebrates Seth’s 
celebrated contemporary, Paul Revere. You can see the whitewashed ceiling which provides protection for the wood and a nice contrast. Note that the Interior Wall is still awaiting a partial disassembly to allow for the movement of the farming equipment into the back room. Once the equipment has been moved and the wall reassembled, it will be painted in a lighter shade of green.

The farm equipment can still be seen in the front room near the massive fireplace, which now sports a distressed look. The fireplace was blackened so as to reflect it’s intended age.

10536234_537904673010294_4461912016582304965_oNot pictured, the structure still needs installation of the snow board that will offer the final layer of protection from Mother Nature. Finally, we will be 10679604_537904969676931_2640209068385513906_oplacing a crane on the fireplace that will hold the giant copper pot which previously occupied that space. We will keep plugging away at our checklist, but the end of our journey is near. However, the homestead’s new life is just beginning.



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