Celia Thaxter: Selected Writings

Celia Thaxter: Selected Writings Julia Older

  • Prefaced and Edited by Julia Older

     Nature Poetry Gardening Letters Stories Murder

     Celia Thaxter was one of the nineteenth century’s most talented, prolific, and versatile writers. Readers of Older’s novel The Island Queen, kept asking her where they could find Thaxter’s books. To rescue Thaxter’s extraordinary legacy from literary oblivion, Older culled selections from her own library. Happily, this objective has sparked several reprints of Thaxter books. From Celia’s first widely-anthologized, and memorized, Atlantic poem “The Sandpiper” to her chilling eye-witness best-seller “A Memorable Murder,” Selected Writings is a literary find for readers of all ages. Julia Older is the author of a dozen books of poetry, nature writing and fiction. Her novel THE ISLAND QUEEN is based on the life of Celia Thaxter, and is part of the Isles of Shoals Trilogy which also contains THIS DESIRED PLACE a deep look into the life of the legendary sheriff of the Isles of Shoals, Phillip Babb.