Cornwall Pedigree (Gerrans-1576)

Gerrans (Cornish: Gerens) is a coastal civil parish and village on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The village is situated approximately seven miles (11 km) south-southeast of Truro.[1] The name Gerrans derives from Gerent, a 6th-century Cornish saint. The parish runs north-south along the eastern side of the Roseland peninsula. It is bounded to the south and east by the sea, to […]


I met a Bavarian Babb today!

Long time members will likely realize how incredible this event is. I had long believed that the line was extinct and that there was little or no hope of meeting one in the flesh (or via email at least). The Barvarian Babb line has the unique distinction of being the only known line of Babbs […]

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