James Wesley Babb of St. Stephen, NB

With the place in the tree of the New Brunswick Babbs coming into focus, there is, of course, one hold out. James Wesley Babb is one of those exception that always seems to prove the rule.

Before I go much further, please erase from your mind any of the 3 other James Wesley Babbs you may have heard about. This is NOT the grandfather of Theodore Adolphus Babb from Wisconsin.

This James Wesley Babb predates all of the others. He was born in New Brunswick, Canada about 1839. He married Mary Elizabeth Pine in St. Stephen, and their first 3 children were born in New Brunswick as well. About 1865 he moved to Princeton and is found there in the 1880 Census. Princeton is also in Washington County, Maine and is just a 20-minute car ride away. In 1900-1920 he is found in Calais.

He ostensibly belongs to the families of this area.

As of this writing, no records have surfaced that allow us to pair James Wesley Babb with his parents. We can tell that he is one of the grandsons of Daniel Babb (1744-1788), but that is as close as we can get. Y-DNA testing helped get us this far.

Potential Fathers are the children of brothers Benjamin Joshua & Nathaniel Babb:

Sons of Benjamin Joshua (1765-1807):
Benjamin (1790-1807) who’s last known child was born in 1830. His wife also would have been 48, making this unlikely.
Also Bejamin’s son Benjamin (1817-1906) who’s first known child is born in 1857.
Joseph (1792-1870) who’s alone in the 1851 Census, when his son would have been 12 years old.
Nathaniel (1796-1870) who has no known male heirs, but does have a daughter in 1843.

Sons of Nathaniel (b bet 1770-1775, d 11 Mar 1847):
Daniel (b. 1794, possibly died young)
James (b. 1798, possibly died young)

It is rather obvious that there aren’t a lot of good options for a connection here. So, until more information becomes available James Wesley will head up his own family tree which is currently named Canada-US Pedigree (New Brunswick-ME 1839).

Cover Photo of St. Stepher: Source – 16703962955_18ea9e87e9_b.jpg (1024×768) (staticflickr.com)

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