Announcement: New Brunswick Babbs (1-6) reunite with Descendants of Philip Babb (1-5)

It is with great honor that I now present to you the formal connection of the lineage that Jean A. Sargeant deemed 1-6 Maine Babbs with New Brunswick Connections. Additional materials that were not easily accessible in her lifetime have revealed a complex connection between the Babb families living in this area.

While all the Babbs in this community are related to Phillip Babb (1) of the Isles of Shoals the exact connection has eluded researchers for decades.

A single book has changed that and has revealed the answer. The book is known as the Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick by Isaac Case Knowlton. It was published in 1875 and has been digitized by While hunting for records I came across a tree that is owned by one of our members who I happen to know very well. He had found this book and used it to make the connection. Re-reading Jean’s notes in her book the information was sitting there hiding in plain sight all this time.

The father’s name was Joshua Babb. Given the tiny community of just 14 families, noted in the Preface, it left no room for doubt. However, that info alone did not get me any further. I flipped back to the beginning of that chapter and the answer was staring me in the face! Almost all of the residents had come from Machais, Maine. The town is now named East Machais. That town is very familiar to me, and I instantly knew I was on to something. About 20 minutes later I had sorted it out and presto bingo they are the newest members of the descendants of Peter Babb (1-5) & Sarah Cate through their son James (1-5-3) and grandson Daniel (1-5-3-4).

There are too many updates to try and list and discuss in any detail. I’ve done my best to assemble the tree given the info that I could locate. So, without additional delay, let me introduce you to the newest descendants of Daniel Babb (1-5-3-4)

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