Dallas Pauper’s Cemetery Reaches Fundraising Goal!

We have now raised $32,426 and have surpassed our $31,000 goal! Once we receive the match from the City of Dallas, we will have a total of $64,852! This will hopefully give us some breathing room as we move forward with having the stones created. With inflation ruling the day, prices can change without notice.

I realize there will be other expenses that at this time are unforeseeable. So, I’d still appreciate any other donations made until the deadline that is just 11 days away! The City will match up to $40,000, so your money will still be doubled!

Donation Link: https://www.facebook.com/donate/626107748986081/

Each of the rectangles on this table represent a person who is buried in the Cemetery. These name plates have come loose from their concrete bases and were destroyed by Lawn Mower blades. This is where we started this effort 5 years ago.

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