Master Sargent Morris Babb – Ancestry Revealed

Today I revisit a story I first published in January 2021 about a personal aide to General Douglas Macarthur by the name of Morris Babb. His records were lost in the worst Genealogical Record fire in US History at the St. Louis Veterans Personnel records center. About 80% of the personnel records from WWI & WWII were lost to the fire.

Two of his family members have reached out to share details about his life and ancestry. that helped me bridge the gap and tell his story. They confirmed the story of him being Macarthur’s personal aide and also recognized him from the picture.

Morris’ full lineage is:
Morris, Thomas Jefferson, Josephus Cook Babb, Joseph Edwin, Joseph Edwin, Thomas Jr, Thomas Sr, Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals.

As such he is a member of the Genetic lineage we refer to as the Lions of the Sea and also a descendant of Bathsheba Hussey’s royal lineage.

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